Cisco 887VA VDSL2 throughput

I recently migrated ISP from an ADSL2+ to a VDSL2 connection, providing “up to” 80Mbps downstream and 20Mbps upstream. Under ADSL2+ (Annex-A) with interleaving on and fastpath off, results from various “speed test” websites would show around 15mbps Down, 1mbps up. The pre-migration controller information is as follows:

                  DS Channel1     DS Channel0   US Channel1       US Channel0
Speed (kbps):             0            19228             0              1235

As I started looking into the capabilities of my 887VA, I discovered that the routing performance is listed as 25.6Mbps (According to the Cisco routing performance product sheet). I had seen blogs discuss the negotiated max attainable rate, but not the throughput people have been getting.
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