Cisco Device Info 1.3.0 Released

Cisco Device Info (CDI) is a Windows application to retrieve runtime information from Cisco equipment such as routers and switches. This is achieved using the SNMP protocol. Late last week I released version 1.3.0, some important enhancements are as follows:

  1. Enhanced the way additional columns can be shown (Right-Click table headers). Any column can now be removed from display and Interface index and descriptions can be made visible (not shown by default);
  2. When hovering over a line on the interface usage chart a tool-tip appears showing the interface name. This is useful for devices with dozens of interfaces;
  3. Where no data for one tab is available for that device, the tab will be hidden. For example the “Switch Stack” tab will not be shown for ISR routers;
  4. Fixed bug were user interface could be left in an inconsistent state following a router failing to respond;
  5. Fixed bug where interfaces with speeds greater than 4GB/s were misreported;
  6. Improved error handling experience of the interface usage chart following SNMP timeouts due to slow responding, or no longer available devices;

For more information, or to download Cisco Device Info (free to use in a home lab) head over to the download page for Cisco Device Info.
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How To – Query Cisco routers using SNMP

Earlier today I released a new application I’ve been working on for the past month or two, Cisco Device Info. It allows you to quickly query a Cisco device (providing you have SNMP access) and view information such as interface status, throughput, IPSec status etc. It came about because we were looking for something at work for our helpdesk staff to use and couldn’t find anything suitable.

Enabling SNMP access on routers is simple, just follow the below instructions.
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