BSA Licensing Audits

Following on from my post about Microsoft Licensing Options, I thought it prudent to cover what may happen if your licensing isn’t in order and you end up getting audited. The BSA (Business Software Alliance) represent many vendors, not just Microsoft so are the most likely ones to be involved with an audit.

Regardless of how up to date your licensing is, it’s possible for the BSA to audit you if they suspect you’re not compliant. This can be down to a number of reasons but most commonly boils down to an ex-employee informing them that your software licensing doesn’t add up. They do require credible information though, so an angry ex-employee with unfounded accusations probably isn’t going to get very far.
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Microsoft Licensing Options

In this post I’m going to talk about Microsoft licensing. I’ll try and cover the various options and why one model may suit you more than another. The information provided by Microsoft licensing “specialists” can be confusing and contradictory. That’s not to say mine wont be, so make sure you seek advise from a trusted independent source.
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