Symantec Endpoint Protection Database Size

When configured to use MSSQL, SEP stores data in the “sem5” database. Depending on retention settings this can grow to a significant size. Revisions of virus definitions and installation files are stored in the dbo.BINARY_FILE table. Don’t alter this directly, instead use the SEP Management web interface.

To review the number of definition revisions kept:

  1. Login to SEP Management
  2. Click “Admin”
  3. Click “Servers”
  4. Right-Click “Local Site” and select “Edit Site Properties”
  5. Click the “Live Update” tab

The default “Number of content revisions to keep” is 3.

To review the client installation packages stored:

  1. Login to SEP Management
  2. Click “Admin”
  3. Click “Install Packages”
  4. Click “Client Install Packages”

Normally there will be 3 installation packages (Windows x86, Windows x64 and an OSX package). To remove any you don’t need right-click then and select “Delete”.

Once you have made any changes to recover the space from the filesystem you will need to shrink the database:


Depending on the space being recovered this may take a while to complete.

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