PoE on the Cisco 887

A colleague and I agreed that there was very little information available on what is required for PoE on a Cisco 887, so I figured I’d document it for anyone else out there.

First things first, you’ll need to get yourself the bits you need. This comprises of two parts, a PoE power adapter and a daughter board. Both components should fall under the 800-IL-PM-2 part number.

Pop open the chassis (one screw on either side, and another at the back) and note the following location:

Cisco 887 without the PoE daughterboard

Insert the mounting risers into the holes outlined above and the daughter board just pops in on top. Screw it down and it should look like this:

Cisco 887 with PoE daughter board

Finally, connect the new PSU and power up your device. A show inv will list the PoE daughterboard indicating you’re good to go. It’s worth noting that if you power up the device without the PoE PSU attached the daughter board will still show up, but the additional PoE functionality will not be present.

To disable PoE on ports one or two, you can use the “power inline auto | never” command from the interface configuration context.

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8 thoughts on “PoE on the Cisco 887”

  1. Thank You!!! I bought one of these routers from Ingram micro and I specifically asked what I would need for Poe and was told just an external adapter. I’m really pissed off at some of the things Cisco has purposely not documented about their equipment and specifications on them. The sales guy even said it came with VoIP support and a FE wan interface as well as the VDSL2/ADSL2+ Card. I specified the options I wanted with it as it was a special order factory direct, I don’t even think it has the advanced IP services license I paid an extra $193 for. Anyway Thanks again.

  2. Hi Dave, thank for the article, I have one more question, do you also need an Advanced IP Services License to enable PoE features?.

  3. Hey Dave,

    You might be able to help me with this, can you spare a moment? We purchased the “800-IL-PM-4=” for our 891W and the PSU it came with is not compatible. According to the Cisco website “This PID comes with two power supply options: 80 or 125 watts.” I opened a support case with Cisco and the TAC assigned to the case said the part number for the 80 watt PSU is “800-IL-PM-2=” which lead me here.

    Long story short would you be able to take a picture of the connector that plugs into the unit?
    Or would you know if it looks like it would fit into the PoE input on this unit?

    1. Hi Justin,

      As you probably know, for POE on the 8xx series devices you need two power supplies. One to power the device and another to power the POE daughter board that you see in the article photos. Checking a few 887VA-K9 v02 devices I have knocking around, it has the same connector as your 891 (48VDC=1.67A).

      1. I took a picture of the connector on the power supply that came with the 800-IL-PM-4= we ordered, http://i.imgur.com/20thKcg.jpg.Since it has a different connector I won’t be able to use it with our 891 for POE.

        I might be misunderstanding “This PID comes with two power supply options: 80 or 125 watts.” but it sounds like the 800-IL-PM-4= could come with either power supply and I wouldn’t know which one I got till I opened the box.

        The 800-IL-PM-2= only does two ports of POE correct?

        If the 800-IL-PM-2= is compatible with the 891 then that could be an option going forwards since it might come with the correct, 80w, power supply or I could try to purchase the 80w power supply separately once I can find a part number.

        1. The photo in your picture definitely shows a different connector to the one from the 800-IL-PM-2= orders I’ve placed. Referring to your first photo, physically I’d suggest the 800-IL-PM-2= PSU would be compatible. Unfortunately I don’t have any 890 series devices to test.

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