Cisco Device Info 1.3.0 Released

Cisco Device Info (CDI) is a Windows application to retrieve runtime information from Cisco equipment such as routers and switches. This is achieved using the SNMP protocol. Late last week I released version 1.3.0, some important enhancements are as follows:

  1. Enhanced the way additional columns can be shown (Right-Click table headers). Any column can now be removed from display and Interface index and descriptions can be made visible (not shown by default);
  2. When hovering over a line on the interface usage chart a tool-tip appears showing the interface name. This is useful for devices with dozens of interfaces;
  3. Where no data for one tab is available for that device, the tab will be hidden. For example the “Switch Stack” tab will not be shown for ISR routers;
  4. Fixed bug were user interface could be left in an inconsistent state following a router failing to respond;
  5. Fixed bug where interfaces with speeds greater than 4GB/s were misreported;
  6. Improved error handling experience of the interface usage chart following SNMP timeouts due to slow responding, or no longer available devices;

For more information, or to download Cisco Device Info (free to use in a home lab) head over to the download page for Cisco Device Info.

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