BlackBerry 2 Droid Updated with BBB support

RIM have two file formats for BlackBerry backups, IPD and BBB. As of today BlackBerry2Droid now supports the BBB file format, head over to the updated BlackBerry2Droid page and download version 1.0.1 to take advantage of the new functionality.

BlackBerry 2 Droid will allow you to transfer messages from a BlackBerry Backup file and import them into your Android phone.

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Dave Hope

Dave works in IT for a leading UK based retirement developer, in his spare time he enjoys tinkering with technology and rock climbing.

2 thoughts on “BlackBerry 2 Droid Updated with BBB support”

  1. Thank you very much for this product. I’ve been searching for over two weeks and after I found your product, I was thrilled at the simplicity to convert my sms .bbb backup to an xml file.

    I know it is 5 years old but have you thought about creating the ability to convert other .bbb files such as phone logs and addresses?

  2. Same as VH, I’ve searched online for tools to help transfer and convert messages to an Android phone (I’m having separation issues with my BB 😔). Your program is easy to use. Thank you, Dave.

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