ADFS RADIUS Authentication Provider v1.1

The Authentication Provider I wrote for ADFS to make use of RADIUS (for use with something like SAFENET) has been updated to v1.1.

Changes include the NL localisation and support for differing claim types. Thanks to Dave Liefbroer for his work on these bits.

Custom identify claims make use of the IdentityClaims registry key, which will default to ttp:// for User PrincipalNames. samAccountName etc can be used.

Updated binaries are available, but please do build this yourself.

Download: ADFS Authentication Adapter v1.1

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Dave Hope

Dave works in IT for a leading UK based retirement developer, in his spare time he enjoys tinkering with technology and rock climbing.

3 thoughts on “ADFS RADIUS Authentication Provider v1.1”

  1. Hello, I’ve tested the Radius plugin (Ver 1.1) on ADFS 2019 to connect to a Vasco Identikey OTP server. That Radius server refused to accept the request because it does not contain NAS-IP or NAS-Identifier information. To you think that its possible to add the NAS-IP identifier? I’ve asked a programmer to take a look at your code to achief this, but what do you think?

  2. I’ve made a remark here about Radius client not sending the IP address to the server. That’s resolved by adding in the registry the key: NasAddress The data value is the IP address of the ADFS server.

  3. Hello,

    First of all thanks for the good work, works like a charm!

    Could you tell me if it is also possible to configure multiple RADIUS backend servers in the ADFS RADIUS Adapter version 1.1 so we can configure redundancy in case one RADIUS server is not working properly anymore or is under maintenance? We Are using ADSF 4.0 on Windows 2016 and 2 MultiOTP appliances as RADIUS backends.

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